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5 Signs Someone Connects With You On A Deeper Level Than Anyone Else


Brilliant article and just what I needed on a lonely and single Valentine’s day weekend. 

It was interesting reading the comments on this article and I understand that willingness to get into relationships is the responsibility of oneself and not the other.

However sometimes when it is clear that someone has emotional walls up and finds it difficult to trust people it can be the responsibility of a person interested to attempt to get through to that person.

I would really need someone interested in me to be patient, encourage me to live in the moment and take initiative in building up my trust and the relationship. I say it would be worth it while on the one hand wondering would it be and on the other hand is it too much to ask of someone?

The M word

Giving or getting money from some one always results in strings being attached.
The rule to live by should be if you want to do something use your own money or don’t do it.
It’s tough to live like that but that’s the best way.
When you give money to ppl you naturally expect not gratitude but for a bond to form or deepen.
When you get money the money-giver always want to also control your life.